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Jul 15, 2011 12:30am EDT
both rupert murdoch and james murdoch toniggt the fbi is following suit. joining the investigaaiio into media giant news corp's hacking - tax dolllrs, but the workers don't seem to care. hh huge auto company that has employess slamming forties on punch breaks. 33&my daddwas in the wwter, it was kinda funny... i thought he might ose a toe oo somethin" somethhng" we'reegonna &pkayaker nded up with a suuer news corp,... fox's.... 3 parent company...// is... in big trouble...// on... two ccntintents..../ áátonightáá... we.. learned... thh fbi.../ is... nvestigating.../ possible... phone haccing... and ribery.../ bb... while... c-e-o.... rupert murdoch .../ ps... set to testify.../ to... ritish lawmakers ..// about... ethical and legal... violations.../ in... britain...//. áá amyáá kelogg... has deeaiis.../ from london. london. rupert murdoch and his son ys jamee have agreed to face questions before a government panel n the u-k. british authorities delving deeper iito the phone hacking scandal at murdoch's recently shuttered 'news oo the woold' tabloid. whittin
Jul 20, 2011 12:30am EDT
rupert murdoch and his son, jamee... under intense &pssrutiny from british llwmakers.(nats) during -3 pheeeiihhy ear old news ccrporation chairmann pis wiff wendyy... seen here wearing pink... jumping up ... ddfending her uuband. proceedingg resuuiig... with 3 hhcking alllgations at 'news of he world.' rupert says: (q:) "why did you ot accept rebekkh bbooks' - offered it.. (a:) "because i bblieved her, nd i trrsted -3pher ann i do trust her." mmiter murdoch... c---o of peww corp.. the parent comppny he does not condoneethe uue oo phonn hacking... calling this aahumbll day. peeplee' priiacc by listening to tteir voicemail is wrong. paying police officers for iiffrmation ii wrong." officials also sking if the wwre breached.... james mmrdoch.... sayiig not to hhs knowledge.j. murdochhsays: "it is appalling to thinn that pnyone associated with our -3 papers would have dooe 3 of no evidence of that." & former news of the orld -3 denying knowlege of any payments to british policc... -& orrdeception duuing herrwatch. brooks says: &"thingg went badly aa the news - of the world, ann we are try
Jul 21, 2011 12:30am EDT
" discussions - the opposition labbur arty s hhve long courted rupert murroch aaddhis ompany..- cameron says: ""verybody has done it anddww all have to 3 pelationship needs to be channed and put on a more heaathy basis."murdoch hhmself, addressed the oint, in one of the back ann ffrth's - before memmers of parliammnn. collins says: "yyuuhave aid you have met frequently with pany prime ministers duuing - your career. noww ii te peeiodd fter tte arresta"aa& (mmrdoch::eeh,,i wish hey'd & leave me alone! )"the candal haa lready led to thhe -3 ressinaaions or arrests of 33managers, journalists, anddtop pplice officials. ith a pewly -launched goveenmmnt innestiggttin aa well as - police prooes, aaeeon & "they shoull pprsue the evidence wherevee it leeds andd - arrest exactly who they wish." 3 thii... negative atttntion... ha tanked .... ccamron's popularity,...// 33 this seees to be a verr common ssese move ffr he -s-a. shhulddbe happy aaouttit.yoo scanners.... thaa a lottof -33peopleewere upset about?thee t-s-a is replacing them. thee agency will install nee -3 software that can etect iiems
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3